Friday, November 11, 2011


From horror stories to movie title and to being the lucky number for gamblers, 11.11.11 have different meanings.  And lucky for me,that day had been very significant.

11.11.11 marked one of the highlights of my new career.

August 2011, we received an invitation from STI for their "2nd Voice of the Youth Oratorical Competition", with the theme "Rediscovering Filipino Values. I see. I act. I advocate.

Our principal showed me the letter and entrusted me to take charge of the preparation for the competition.

I have chosen my student, Jhune Perez, to be our representative. He appears to be a timid boy for me; and he may not have the most wonderful voice in the class but I saw the potential in him.

The Pre-contest was held. From 40 schools, we're trimmed down to 15 participants.

The date for the competition on the Divisional Level was set, 11.11.11. It was held in Gaisano Mall Activity Center here in Kalibo, Aklan. We were all nervous in the place, plus the Aircon worked to make our feet colder..

I have heard 15 high school students speaking their minds out through the art of public speaking. They had their messages heard. I just hope the whole Philippines could have heard them speak!

The program started at 1:00 pm and ended at 5:00 pm. The final announcement was said. Congratulations to the winners!

I have always believed that excellence in not being the best but doing your very best in everything. The battle's half won, just by joining alone. We may not have won the competition but we have learned a lot.

I will be looking forward to joining more competitions like that.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Pleasure is Mine

Last week my principal handed me over a letter personally written by her. I thought, it was some kind of personal message about wishing me well or asking what I did during semestral break.

When I opened the letter I found out that she patiently copied all the comments of my students from the evaluation that the HR and the administration did last month.

I was just glad to know where I was standing with my students. Their comments also made me inspired and helped me put my perspective back.

I was also grateful to know that my Principal is proud of me and would like to keep me in her team. Knowing that you are appreciated means a lot. However, I have always worked with one thing in mind. Honoring and pleasing but an audience of One.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Follow Your Road

I was checking out YouTube and saw this video. One of my favourite songs. I really like the lyrics of this song. It reminds me of the things that happened to me not so long ago.

When I went to Singapore, I actually had the times of my life.

In there, I had all the time in the world. I could go home at 12 midnight not worrying if my kids have already eaten or that my husband would reprimand me for coming home late. I could eat at any restaurant that I would like to try. Buy probably the things that I could not afford when I was just working here in the Philippines.

But, all the while God was dealing with me. He was teaching me things I could not have comprehended had I not went abroad.

Honestly, when I have decided to go back here in the Philippines I was a bit afraid. I do not know what lies ahead. I never wanted to go back working in a Call Center. I know it pays well, but I want to work somewhere else.

If you really follow God's plan everything will work out fine. As what the Bible says,
And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

God's leading was that I have to go back home. I am glad I obeyed.

I never imagined that God would allow these things to happen in my life. I believe that I am now where God would like me to be. I have a wonderful job, I get to sleep with my family every night, God allowed me to study again for a better career, and He allowed me to be a part of the ministry in the Church. I may not have the money now to buy everything I wanted, but God provided me with everything that I will need.

We just have to follow the road where God is leading us and everything will work out fine.

Follow Your Road

With so many roads
that seem to lead
down to the sea
I wonder which road
will be the right
one for me

others may fall away,
dead ending left and right
but there is this one road
that journeys far out of sight
Have you wondered where
your road will lead you?

maybe to a bright day of sunshine
or a starry night in heaven
or it might be you're afraid to go
afraid to go, but you've got
to follow your road or you'll
never know never know

we are all but travellers
living in a foreign land
trying to find our way
the best as we can
looking for an answer trying
to find some way

though we have journeyed
far it's not quite far enough
have you wondered where
your road will lead you
maybe to a song that needs singing
or summer rain (don't be afraid to go)

or it might be afraid to go,
afraid to go
You got to follow your road
or you'll never know

you got to follow your road,
follow your road,
follow your road
you got to follow your road,
follow your road,
follow your road
you got to follow your road,
follow your road,
follow your road
and maybe someday your road
will take you far away

you know when you will find it
and someday you will get there
don't give up

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Real Learning

Our principal called me the other day to tell me that one of my students in my Values Class came into her office to talk to her.

Our Principal told me that she was so proud because we are able to successfully let the students imbibe the lessons well.

The last topic on our Values class was the lesson on “Bayan Muna, Bago Sarili.” I talked about the importance of loving our country and tried to make them realize that we, the Filipinos, should care for our country, otherwise nobody else will. We could not expect the foreigners to care for our country.

I also made mention about the flag in our school. I noticed that our flag was torn so I asked the office to request for a replacement. However, the replacement has not arrived yet. I told them seeing our torn flag, also torn me apart.

I told my students to respect our flag and to sing our National Anthem with all of their hearts.

I also told them my experience when I went to Singapore. I felt that my love for our country increased when I went abroad. I told them my experience when the hostage taking of the foreigners from HongKong happened. I was inside the MRT and I called my husband to tell me the updates. I was crying inside the train as I hear the news. I immediately called one of my church mates and asked her to pray with me right that moment.

While my husband was telling the updates, I was having a different vision. All I can see was our map and it's being stabbed to death. I hope that every Filipino will think first before we act, especially if it is something that could affect our country.

It was the same day when my student talked to our Principal. She talked to her and asked her about the flag. She said that she was so touched by our topic and would like to help in any way possible, even if it means she/they will buy the new flag. She said, she could no longer bear seeing our torn flag as well. This is the real essence of learning.

Learning is not a noun but a verb; because true learning should push us to act.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Teacher, My Hero

I found out that the Department of Education will be having its month-long celebration of Teacher's Month this whole month of September and October 5th will be the World Teacher's Day.

I had my favorite teachers when I was growing up, from my elementary teachers, to my college teachers. They were my favorite teachers for different reasons.

It was only when I started teaching that I realized that being a teacher is not an easy job. I have been with different companies before and I have tried different jobs but this one is different. This is something that you will do because you have heard the "call".

I am actually telling my co-teachers that I would like to stick to this job because I really feel that I am called to be a teacher. God willing I will have my license someday. :)

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of my teachers who helped me along the way. I really appreciate their effort in making a difference in my life.

I asked my students to make their "thank you" letters last week. I told them that the best way they can thank their teachers is to show them how much they are appreciated.

I also got a lot of "thank you" letters from my students. Reading each letter is worthwhile than actually receiving your salary. :)

Happy teacher's month to all teachers!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day to Day

Whenever I would have the chance to blog, I would always say that I am too busy, and I am. I thank the Lord for all the works that He has given me.

For the record, I would like to post my daily schedule here on my blog.

My Monday to Friday schedule

4:30 A.M. - wake up early to pray and then review my lessons for the day.

5:30 A.M. - start preparation for the day. Hubby will cook the breakfast while I prepare Seandy for his school.

6:45 A.M. - ready to go to school. Hubby will drop me off to my school, then our son, Seandy.

7:00 A.M. - First subject.

11:00 A.M. - Eat lunch then prepare to attend to my class in TECP. (units for education)

12:00 NN - My Educational Technology class

12:45 P.M. - Return to my teaching classes.

1:00 P.M - Start of my afternoon session class.

3:00 P.M. - End of my classes. Time to attend to other matters like checking paper, talking to students, etc.

4:00 P.M. - Off to church for my prayer time.

5:00 P.M. - Off to Aklan College to attend to my Developmental Class

6:00 P.M. - Off to church again to attend Dusk Watch (Bible Study)

7:00 P.M. - Hubby will fetch me up at church to finally go home. As soon as I arrive home, I will open the computer, help my kids with their homework then will have our dinner. Around 9:00 P.M., will wash the kids up to prepare them for bed. Go back to computer to do some homework, do my lesson plan, and research for the next day's lessons. Will then sleep at around 11:00 P.M. and the cycle goes on.

Saturday morning at around 7:00 A.M. will go to church to attend our Morning Watch. Will stay in church up to 11:00 A.M. to prepare some things needed for the next day Sunday Service. Otherwise, after 9:00 A.M. will go to school to do some stuff again.

Sunday morning, have to wake up at around 6:30 A.M. to prepare to go to church early for our devotion. Sunday service schedule is 9:30 to 11:30 A.M. After church will go my father in law's house to have our lunch. Will go home at around 3:00 P.M.

Time to take a rest for a bit. Then be ready for another week the next day.

I may be too busy, but I am not complaining. God has been so kind to me to give me all these responsibilities. :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Time is Now

The last post on this blog was the speech that I made for our Buwan ng Wika celebration. Now, I am posting another speech that I made that my student will use in an Oratorical Contest that he will be joining.

This is written in a point of view of a youth.

First week of August 2011, the world was taken aback by the turn of events that took place in London, the capital of Britain. It was branded as Britain’s worst rioting, at least in my generation. It is not that riots are unheard of nowadays, but what caught my attention was that these riots were facilitated by the youths. As reported by the news, most of the looters and vandals are under 20 years of age – purely hooliganism?

As I watch the news unfold day by day, I could not help but think and wonder. According to Dr. Jose Rizal, youth is the hope of our nation. Success lies in the hand of every youth. Whatever happened to these hopes of the nation?

Am I focusing too much on the negative? On the contrary, I would like to think I am very positive. Elementary Science taught me that the very first step in solving the problem is to know the problem. Recognizing the root cause helps a lot in prevention.

Our parents are working hard for us, every drop of their sweat and blood is for our future, but did we ever give attention to these? All we ever have to do is to finish our studies and be a good person in order to return their sacrifices for us. Yes, it is their responsibility to care for us, to ensure that we are given proper education and our needs are provided, but are we worthy enough of their sacrifices? Now is the time to see.

I can still vividly remember the words of our dear President Benigno Aquino III on his State of the Nation Address few months back. He raised a question for every one of us to answer. Using his exact words he asked, “Hindi ba tayo nagagalak, Filipino tayong nabubuhay sa ganitong panahon?” I am a youth of today’s generation. I AM the hope of the nation.

When I was younger, I admire other nationalities. I look at their skin, their height, their eyes and I would feel inferior. I often times imagine how my life would be if I were not born a Filipino. Would I think differently? Talk differently? Reason differently? As years go by, I gradually discover how great the Filipinos are. This realization brought me to my senses. I am a Filipino. God made me a Filipino. Therefore, I am great! I must act.

We may not be rich but our values speak about who we truly are. As I look and observe around, good things are enfolding. I can see that there is really hope. We can now feel the rising of the explosive and talented new breed of Filipinos. How can I be complacent when my teachers are pushing me to excel in everything? How can I not care, if even just the way we hold the flag is being scrutinized? How can I not succeed if they see only the very best in me?

The values that the adults are now passing on to the youth are so much and so strong to be forgotten, to be ignored. The adults are opening my eyes to see what a Filipino youth should be like - one that is pushed to the height for my country. I am entrusted to raise our Race.

The Philippines, has slept enough. I can now imagine the times when other countries would look up to us, when other nationalities would envy us and wish they were born Filipinos.

We should never lose our hope. As William Carey said, “Attempt great things, dream great things.”

If Rizal is living today, if he can see the unstoppable change that is happening to the youths, I know he would be able to say that he was right and glad that the time has finally come for the sun to rise again in the East.

As the hope of the nation, I am committed to the advocacy for the good of our country. My dear fellow youths, it is time to wake up. It is never too late, now is the time for us to do the responsibilities that are given to us. Now is the time to prove that we, the youths, are the fruits of the past, handlers of the present, and the designers of the future. This is the time for us to make a difference.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Buwan ng Wika

We will be celebrating our "Buwan ng Wika" on August 26, 2011. The theme for this year is "Ang Wikang Filipino ay Wikang Panlahat; Ilaw at Lakas sa Tuwid na Landas."

I would like to share the "talumpati" that one of my students will be delivering in the said event:

“ Ang Filipino ay Wikang Panlahat, Ilaw at Lakas sa Tuwid na Landas “

Ang Proklamasyon Blg. 1041 ay nagpapahayag ng taunang pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa tuwing Agosto. Ngayong taong ito ipinagdiriwang nating muli ang Buwan ng Wika na may temang, “Ang Filipino ay Wikang Panlahat, Ilaw at Lakas sa Tuwid na Landas.”

Ano nga ba ang koneksyon ng wika sa ating buhay? Marami nang pinagdaanan ang ating wikang Pambansa. Gaya ng ating buhay, ang mga Filipino ay marami na rin naranasan sa nakaraan.

Bata pa lamang ako ay naririnig ko na ang mga katagang ito: “Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa ang amoy sa mabahong isda.” Paulit ulit naming itong binabanggit sa paaralan. Marahil na rin siguro sa paniniwala nang aming mga guro na ang isang bagay kapag paulit ulit mong sinabi o ginawa ay magiging parte na ito ng iyong pag-uugali - magiging parte ng iyong pagkatao.

Si Jose Rizal, sa kanya nagmula ang mga katagang ito. Siya rin ang kauna-unahang tao na tumawag at gumamit ng salitang “Filipino” upang ipagkahulugan sa mga taong naninirahan sa ating bayan. Di nga ba’t Indio ang tawag sa atin noon ng mga Espanol?

Ano nga ba ang Filipino? Noong 1998, isang Griyegong (Greek) diksionaryo ang naglimbag nang salitang “Filipina” upang ipakahulugan sa isang “katulong” o DH ika nga nila. Sa kontinente naman ng Europa ay may isang tatak ng biskuwit na pinangalan din nilang “Filipinos” marahil sa paghahalintulad sa kulay nating kayumanggi.

Para sa’yo ano ang Wikang Filipino at gaanu ito kahalaga?

Mayroon humigit kumulang pitumpo’t dalawang dialekto ang ating bansa. At ayon sa Artikulo XIV, Seksiyon 6 ng 1986 Konstitusyon. "Ang wikang pambansa ng Pilipinas ay Filipino."

Isang layunin ng pagkakaroon ng isang wikang pambansa ay ang mapalaganap ang pagkakasundo ng mga Filipino bilang isang bayan. Layunin din nito na pag isahin ang ating bansa bagama’t tayo ay binubuo ng pitong libo’t isang daan at pitong isla. Ang Wikang Filipino ay panlahat.

Bilang isang estudyante, paano nga ba natin pinapahalagaan ang ating Wikang Pambansa? Nagagalak ako at mayroon tayong taunang selebrasyon ng Buwan ng Wika. Naipapakita nito kung paano natin pinapahalagahan ang ating wika – ang ating Bansa. Sa pamamagitan din nito naipapamalas nating mga kabataang Filipino ang ating galing at pagmamahal sa ating kulturang Filipino.

Sa usapin ng kulturang Pilipino, hindi mawawala na mapag-usapan ang ating pambansang bayani, si Gat Jose P. Rizal. Isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit hinahangaan ko si Jose Rizal ay sa kadahilanang ang kanyang mga ginawa at sinabi ay hindi kailan man naluluma. Ang mga katagang sinabi niya noong una pa ay may kaugnayan pa rin sa kasalukuyan.

Sinabi niya, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng ating Bayan.” Marahil sa mahabang henerasyon na nagdaan ay hindi natin namalayan o naramdaman ang katuparan ng mga katagang iyon. Para bagang ang karamihan ay nagtatanong kung may katuparan pa ang mga tinuran ng ating bayaning si Rizal.

Ngunit ako ay nagagalak at sa ngayon ay unti unti na rin nating nararamdaman ang pagiging responsable ng mga kabataang Filipino.

Kitang kita ko ito sa mga nagdaang eleksyon sa ating bansa. Ang mga kabataan ay naging aktibo sa pagbabantay at pagsisiguro na mabantayan ang boto at mapanatili ang katahimikan sa halalan.

Marami na ring mga organisasyon ang lumulutang na pinasisimulan ng mga kabataan.

Maging dito sa ating paaralan nakikita na rin ang pagbabago sa kung paano namumuno ang mga kabataan. Maraming salamat sa mga guro na patuloy na pumapatnubay sa amin.

Noon lamang nakaraang buwan ay ipinarinig sa atin ng ating pangulong si Benigno Aquino Jr. ang kanyang SONA. Pambihira ang kanyang talumpati, hindi ba? Hindi lamang dahil sa naglalaman ito ng unti unting pag-unlad at pagbabago ng ating bayang Pilipinas, kundi dahil ginamit niya ang ating sariling wika sa pagsasalaysay ng kanyang talumpati. Pambihira.

Isa sa mga nagustuhan ko sa kanyang mga binitawang salita at talaga namang sumuot sa aking puso ay ang mga katagang: “Hindi ba tayo nagagalak, Filipino tayong nabubuhay sa ganitong panahon?”

Ako, ay buong pusong nagagalak na maging parte ng ngayong henerasyon. Katulad ng wikang Filipino karapatdapat lamang na tayo rin ang maging ilaw patungo sa tuwid na landas.

Ang lakas ng isang bansa ay mapagtitibay ng lakas ng mamamayan. Kung mananatili ang bawat isang Filipino na malakas at patuloy na mangangarap ng isang maayos na pamayanan – maayos na bansa, hindi maglalaon at mararating din natin ang tuwid na landas.

Gamitin nawa natin ang ating wikang pambansa upang maisakatuparan ang pangarap na ito. Naniniwala ako na hindi magtatagal at magsasama sama tayong haharap sa isang bagong Pilipinas na pinagtibay, pinagyaman, at pinag-isa ng ating wikang pambansa. "

Too busy to blog

This is so ironic. I have been encouraging my students to start blogging, where in fact I do not have time to blog any more.

Anyway, we're almost done with the first semester. Hopefully, I could write again during sembreak. :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

God can change Lives

My hubby and I were talking earlier. We were talking about how great God is. I really thank God because He changed my husband.

Everybody who knew my husband noticed a big change in him. He is no longer the same person that he used to be. It all started when he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. In 2 Corinthians 5:17 we can read, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"

He may still be a babe in Christ but that is enough for now. God is slowly working it out.

He told me he spoke with one of his cousins a couple of weeks back. His cousin told my husband that he was "lucky" to have found a wife like me - "a total package" that is how his cousin said it. His cousin enumerated that I am cute, I am kind, I am smart (to God be the Glory!)

But my husband's response was more worthwhile. He told his cousin that he is not concerned about all those things. He said that none of the things that his cousin mentioned matter.  My husband said that what he loves most about me is that I fear the Lord with all of my heart!

He even advised his cousin to choose a woman that fears the Lord. My husband said that ever since he gave his life to Christ, everything changed. He gave instances where God answered our prayers. I like it so much when he said that now he only needs to thank God for everything. He said there is no need for him to ask God for anything. Everything is being provided by the Lord and it is only for us to count our blessings and thank God for all these blessings.

He even said, he is praying for his family and friends to trust and believe in God too.

Our marriage did not start right, but we are thankful we have a God who can turn the curse into a blessing if only we are willing to be changed.

I like this song so much. It speaks of God's grace and power to change lives.

Now that You're Near

By Hillsong United

I stand before You, Lord

And give You all my praise

Your love is all I need

Jesus, You're all I need

My life belongs to You

You gave Your life for me

Your grace is all I need

Jesus, You're all I need

Hold me in Your arms

Never let me go

I wanna spend eternity with You

And now that You're near

Everything is different

Everything's so different, Lord

And I know I'm not the same

My life You've changed

And I wanna be with You

I wanna be with You

And I will sing for You always

'Cause in Your presence God is where I wanna stay

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Real Stand on RH Bill

What is RH Bill or Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act? I have been hearing this controversial bill before, however, I do not have the time to check what is it about.

I have read the proposed bill before but I never paid interest. Not until I asked my fourth year high school students to have a debate on different topics. One of the propositions was about RH Bill.

I would like to hear the voices of the Youth on this issue. During that debate, I must say that the Anti RH bill won. Not on the merit of their arguments but more on the lack of preparation on the part of the Pro-RH team. It could have been a very interesting and educational debate.

Now, my stand on RH Bill. I am Pro Life and I am Pro RH bill. I am not a politician and I am not part of the Congress. I have answered some surveys about RH Bill and I voted for "yes". I do not know if my stand will have an effect on the passing of this bill into a law. Most probably, it won't.

I am Pro RH bill only because I believe its provisions.

I am okay with Mandatory Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education on Section 16. As a mother, I am willing to educate my children about sex when they are capable of understanding. My son is seven years old now, I am trying to discuss with him things about babies in a way that he can understand. I am protecting him from being ignorant about these things. I also couple it with teachings of the Bible about sex, family,and about our body. I would also appreciate help coming from the teachers.

I am also okay with mothers being educated about family planning or at least the knowledge about pregnancy. It would be better if they are aware of their choices. I believe that a lot of women,especially in the rural area, are not aware. Which is why some get unplanned pregnancies.

I am a working mom and the provision on Section 21 Employers’ Responsibilities is also beneficial for pregnant women. A paid half day pre-natal medical leaves for each month of the pregnancy will really help.

I have listened to many debates and I understood the points of the Anti RH Bill. I understand that they are opposing contraceptives because some are abortifacient.

I said I am pro life and I am definitely against abortion. Yes, we are into family planning. However, I do not use pills and I do not intend to have tubal ligation or the likes. I intend to keep my body intact and I do not want to take in anything that could kill my baby or could kill me.

I am Pro RH but I believe that some contraceptives are abortifacient. I know that some Pro RH supporters believe that if the fertilized egg does not get implanted into the lining of the uterus, then there is no life therefore no abortion will occur.

I believe on the other hand, that life begins at "fertilization."

I am not a law maker and I am sorry but I do not know the technicalities of this law. I may not be seeing what the Anti RH bill supporters are seeing.

But every time I pray, I ask God to help the Philippines and to give wisdom to our law makers to pass on laws that will really help the Filipinos.

To God be the glory!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mommy Moments - Dear Mom

It has been a while since I have joined Mommy Moments.

Today, the topic is about Letters to Mom.

I went to Singapore last November 2009, and during those times I missed my children so much.

March 2010, my friend who was also working in Singapore went back here in the Philippines. When she came back she handed me a letter from my then 5-year-old son.

A letter that reminded me, I am called to be a Mother and I have to be with them to fulfil that call.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of the World

So it never happened? In the History of mankind so many people have already tried predicting and giving the date when the World will end but of course, none of it happened.

The Bible tells us that even Jesus Himself does not know but only the Father knows : Mark 13:32 NASB

"But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone."

When I heard the story, I believe it was Blasphemy.  We were even reminded that it is not for us to know the epochs and time.  On Acts 1 we can read :

"He said to them, "It is not for you to know times or epochs which the Father has fixed by His own authority;"

Although I know that the ending will not happen last Saturday, (May 21), at the back of my mind I can't help but get excited knowing that the Lord is finally coming. Maranatha!

But on second thought, I am also glad it did not happen yet.  Many are still unbelievers and it would be sad to know that many are still not ready for the end.

"If you are not ready to die, then you have not yet lived well."

At the appointed time it will happen.   Every will bow down and every tongue will confess that He is God!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Leaves

We were eating lunch outside on a hot sunny day.  Everytime the wind blows leaves are blown into the air.

Everytime that happens my little girl would say, "Thank you, leaves". 

Curious, my sister in law asked her, "Why are thanking the leaves?"

My little girl answer "Because the leaves are giving me air."

Give credit to where it is due. ;)

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

     I have been a mom for almost seven years now and tomorrow I will be celebrating Mother's Day together with all the Moms in the world. 

     Being a Mom is really a blessing from God.  Although, I must admit it is a tough job.  I couldn't do this without the guidance from God. 

     The role of the mother is to nurture her children and to be submissive to her husband.  I know that if I will only trust on my own nothing good is going to happen. 

      I am so lucky because God gave me two mothers (three now, including my mother-in-law!).  I grew up with my Aunt, my Mama's sister, and she has given me all the love that a mother could give.  She may not be my biological mother but she is my mother.

      Both of them tried to work as hard as they could to provide for the family.  And, it was sufficient.  We may not be rich but we had just enough.  I may not have all the "good things" when I was growing up but I had all the things that I needed to be complete. 

        If I will be given a chance to choose a mother, I'd still choose them both. 

        Whenever, I pray for my mothers I do not pray for wealth but I pray for health and long life. 

        In Titus 2:4-5 mothers (women) are reminded : "These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children,  to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God."

       May all mothers be prayerful enough and ask God's guidance to raise Godly children.  Mothers play a very important role in building a Godly nation.

       Happy Mother's day to every Mom in this world.



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Remiscing the Old Days

     I worked at McDonalds as a service crew for three years.  I was a working student when I was in College.  After I graduated from College, I thought it was time for me to move on and stop being a crew.  I was asked to be transfered to a bigger store (mine was just a satellite store - a small store) so I'll get to know all the products that we have.  But, I asked to be moved to a different department.  I wanted to be a part of the "Star" team - the marketing team of McDo.  These are the people who handle the parties held in Mcdo.  But, before I can be trained to host a party, I have already decided to resign.

     I transfered to Jollibee as a Manager.  And, during the first three months operation of our Store in Jollibee PRC, I was assigned to handle the "Smart" team.  Now, that is the marketing team of Jollibee.

     As a Manager, my duty was  to make sure our marketing is okay and that all birthday parties held in our store were funfilled.  It was my job to make sure the host was okay, the foods great, etc.

     Memories of the past came back to me last Sunday.  We attended the 7th birthday party of our friend's daughter.  Her name's Keanna.  We were there before the party started.  I was looking after my children when my husband told me the Clown/Host backed out and they do not have someone to host the party.They thought, I could do the job. 

     I was really nervous and I never wanted to it, but I couldn't afford to see the disappointment on the kids faces.  They were there and they were expecting for a party! No, I wouldn't let them down!

      It was my first time to host a party and I thank God because it was a success (for me!). 

     During the party, I couldn't help but reminisce the times when I used to be a part of the "Star" and the "Smart" teams.  I could envision myself wearing our uniform.   I could have been a good Smart Assistant! LOL. ;)


Friday, April 22, 2011

Different therefore Complementing

     My husband and I were talking about our differences and it is nice to know that we are growing in our relationship.  We talked about the conflicts that we have and we are just happy that we can now talk about our problems in a constructive way.  Although, sometimes we still need  to pause first before we can talk things out.

     We both believe that this is happening because God is the center of our relationship now.  God can change hearts and minds.  Nothing is really impossible with God.

     We may be different in many things but these differences make our relationship more interesting.  We complement each other. ;) 

     I believe that God will not give us what we want; He will give us what we need.        

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chit Chat

School year 2010-2011 has ended. Vacation officially starts.  Pero since I took summer classes for my M.A. I still need to go to school.  I'll be transfered to College Department next school year but no loads for teaching yet.  My husband and I prayed na since I need to study, it would be best kung ma transfer ako sa College or mag office ulit while studying so I can concentrate.  And, God answered our prayers!

I was happy to be with my high school department colleagues.  Our last day was a blast.  We enjoyed some foods and I get to talk intimately to some of them. 

We agreed to meet again two weeks from now, saan kaya kami pupunta? I can't wait.  I really enjoyed talking to one my colleagues.  We talked about our experiences while teaching.  The pressures, problems, and the fun part of teaching.  Our conversation can be summed up to one thing - that prayer is very effective!

That if we will only soak things in prayers everything will be okay.  In saying that it will be okay, it doesn't mean that there will be no problems but since all has been asked in prayers everything will be easily acceptable.  If it is something that is beneficial to us then we would have no reason to boast since it is God who has given it, not by our own doing.  If it is opposite of what we asked, then we can still be grateful knowing God has something else in mind - something better that we can imagine!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Regrets

It has been almost six months since I arrived here in Aklan. I have decided to go back from Singapore because God changed my heart.  When I left for Singapore my main reason was to grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord. And, God has been very faithful to His promises.  "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give the desires of your heart." With the help of my brothers and sisters in Christ, God changed my heart and opened my eyes.

My church has been consistent in teaching us to excel in everything we do. That is especially true there in abroad.  We were taught to excel as a nation, as a Filipino. "Angat Lahi"- this is what we always have in mind.  We have to do our best in everything for the glory of the Lord and for our country.

I was working as a Senior Consultant in an employment agency and I was handling recruitment for househelpers in Singapore.  There is nothing wrong being a househelper, slavery is only a state of mind.  But, in my heart, I know God wants me to do something else.  I just couldn't bear "helping" my fellow Filipino to be a "maid" in a foreign land.  That is just my personal dealing with the Lord. I wanted to find another job but another sister in Christ, sister

 Sunny , was used by God to explain to me the importance of being with my family.

By God's grace I am with my family now.  God has been so gracious and faithful to us.  He also opened a new career for me to fulfil.  I may not be earning that big, but the time spent with my children and my husband is more than anything else.  As I have said before, money really cannot buy anything.  I am so blessed though we may be poor.  God is my strength and my portion forever!


Saturday, February 19, 2011


It has been my dream to be a teacher. I always thought I would like to grow old teaching. But the thing is, I am not a teacher. I am not confident to be a teacher. Well, the passion is there. But being passionate about teaching is not enough. Being a teacher means a lot more.
When God gave me a chance to be a substitute teacher, I heard the calling. And, I knew I had to continue teaching. But it wont stop there. I know I have to equip myself and prepare myself to be a teacher. I need to go back to school to learn more. Currently, I am taking my Masters Degree in Educational Management here in Northwestern Visayan Colleges. However, I would need to take some units for Education so I can take the board exam for teachers. It will take more than a year or two before I can finish the units, but I pray that God will continue to sustain and provide for everything that I will need to achieve my goal.
Being a substitute teacher has taught me a lot. I have learned to love the students as my own. I have been with them for only 3 months but I have connected with them already. I am handling third year and fourth year students. My advisory class will be graduating this March. I wish them all the success in life. I would like them to be fighters. I would love to see them make it big in life. I hope that I have imparted some lessons that they would not forget. I hope that in relatively short period of time, I have made an impact to their lives.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aklan Comprehensive Teachers Training

I am very glad to have attended the 3-day seminar conducted by the United States Peace Corps Volunteers.

I am relatively new to teaching and I have so much to learn. This seminar has helped me learn some things that are essential to teach effectively.

They have about twenty sessions but due to time restraint a participant can only attend ten sessions.

I have chosen these topics:

1. Learner Centered - were taught about Multiple Intelligence and the importance of knowing every kind of intelligence to better adjust the teaching strategies based on the kind of intelligence the students have.

2. Teaching Pronunciation - pronunciation of different words where tackled and it's also good because some of the teachers where able to ask the Volunteers the pronunciation of some common words in English that are pronounced incorrectly most of the time.

3. Class Room Management - rewards and punishment. Proper Reinforcement was also discussed.

4. Productive Discussion - things to know on how to be an effective facilitator. We were also taught how to control a discussion.

5. Writing English Communication - we were taught more on proofreading and clarity of letters or communications that we do.

6. Alternative Assessment - they taught about the importance of using Alternative Assessment as opposed to the conventional or traditional way of assessments being used.

7. Filipinism - words, clauses or phrases in English that only Filipinos can understand.

8. Critical Thinking I & II - about Bloom's Taxonomy.

9. HIV/AIDS - things we have to know about HIV/AIDS.

Other sessions that I wasn't able to attend includes Creative Writing, Excel, Differential, Remedial Reading, Solid Waste Management and some more.

The event was participated by more than 400 teachers Primary and Secondary Levels both Public and Private Schools.

The seminar was effective in itself. But, the real challenge is for the teachers who attended the seminar to practice what we have learned.