Friday, November 11, 2011


From horror stories to movie title and to being the lucky number for gamblers, 11.11.11 have different meanings.  And lucky for me,that day had been very significant.

11.11.11 marked one of the highlights of my new career.

August 2011, we received an invitation from STI for their "2nd Voice of the Youth Oratorical Competition", with the theme "Rediscovering Filipino Values. I see. I act. I advocate.

Our principal showed me the letter and entrusted me to take charge of the preparation for the competition.

I have chosen my student, Jhune Perez, to be our representative. He appears to be a timid boy for me; and he may not have the most wonderful voice in the class but I saw the potential in him.

The Pre-contest was held. From 40 schools, we're trimmed down to 15 participants.

The date for the competition on the Divisional Level was set, 11.11.11. It was held in Gaisano Mall Activity Center here in Kalibo, Aklan. We were all nervous in the place, plus the Aircon worked to make our feet colder..

I have heard 15 high school students speaking their minds out through the art of public speaking. They had their messages heard. I just hope the whole Philippines could have heard them speak!

The program started at 1:00 pm and ended at 5:00 pm. The final announcement was said. Congratulations to the winners!

I have always believed that excellence in not being the best but doing your very best in everything. The battle's half won, just by joining alone. We may not have won the competition but we have learned a lot.

I will be looking forward to joining more competitions like that.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Pleasure is Mine

Last week my principal handed me over a letter personally written by her. I thought, it was some kind of personal message about wishing me well or asking what I did during semestral break.

When I opened the letter I found out that she patiently copied all the comments of my students from the evaluation that the HR and the administration did last month.

I was just glad to know where I was standing with my students. Their comments also made me inspired and helped me put my perspective back.

I was also grateful to know that my Principal is proud of me and would like to keep me in her team. Knowing that you are appreciated means a lot. However, I have always worked with one thing in mind. Honoring and pleasing but an audience of One.