Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things we can't control

5 days and 4 nights just the four of us in an air conditioned room - myself, my husband and my two kids. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served on time by a friendly food server. People in white uniform would occasionally visit our room to check if everything is okay. My husband and I took a leave at work. We have also excused our son, Seandy from school. We just hang around in there. We sang songs, talked, played, read, slept. There were times when my husband or I had to go out and buy some food, since Seandy would not eat the food being served. He craved for pizza, burger, fried chicken, tocino.

But this was not a vacation that I have dreamed for. We were definitely not inside a hotel room. We were under the confinement of Metro South Medical Center. Both of my kids were hospitalized. My eldest was diagnosed for UTI and my youngest for Asthma. It hurts seeing my kids inside the hospital and I am glad this was over. It was even harder since my son had to celebrate his 5th birthday there.

But everything is okay now. I just pray that next time we would really have to spend the vacation anywhere else but there.