Thursday, October 27, 2011

Follow Your Road

I was checking out YouTube and saw this video. One of my favourite songs. I really like the lyrics of this song. It reminds me of the things that happened to me not so long ago.

When I went to Singapore, I actually had the times of my life.

In there, I had all the time in the world. I could go home at 12 midnight not worrying if my kids have already eaten or that my husband would reprimand me for coming home late. I could eat at any restaurant that I would like to try. Buy probably the things that I could not afford when I was just working here in the Philippines.

But, all the while God was dealing with me. He was teaching me things I could not have comprehended had I not went abroad.

Honestly, when I have decided to go back here in the Philippines I was a bit afraid. I do not know what lies ahead. I never wanted to go back working in a Call Center. I know it pays well, but I want to work somewhere else.

If you really follow God's plan everything will work out fine. As what the Bible says,
And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

God's leading was that I have to go back home. I am glad I obeyed.

I never imagined that God would allow these things to happen in my life. I believe that I am now where God would like me to be. I have a wonderful job, I get to sleep with my family every night, God allowed me to study again for a better career, and He allowed me to be a part of the ministry in the Church. I may not have the money now to buy everything I wanted, but God provided me with everything that I will need.

We just have to follow the road where God is leading us and everything will work out fine.

Follow Your Road

With so many roads
that seem to lead
down to the sea
I wonder which road
will be the right
one for me

others may fall away,
dead ending left and right
but there is this one road
that journeys far out of sight
Have you wondered where
your road will lead you?

maybe to a bright day of sunshine
or a starry night in heaven
or it might be you're afraid to go
afraid to go, but you've got
to follow your road or you'll
never know never know

we are all but travellers
living in a foreign land
trying to find our way
the best as we can
looking for an answer trying
to find some way

though we have journeyed
far it's not quite far enough
have you wondered where
your road will lead you
maybe to a song that needs singing
or summer rain (don't be afraid to go)

or it might be afraid to go,
afraid to go
You got to follow your road
or you'll never know

you got to follow your road,
follow your road,
follow your road
you got to follow your road,
follow your road,
follow your road
you got to follow your road,
follow your road,
follow your road
and maybe someday your road
will take you far away

you know when you will find it
and someday you will get there
don't give up

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Real Learning

Our principal called me the other day to tell me that one of my students in my Values Class came into her office to talk to her.

Our Principal told me that she was so proud because we are able to successfully let the students imbibe the lessons well.

The last topic on our Values class was the lesson on “Bayan Muna, Bago Sarili.” I talked about the importance of loving our country and tried to make them realize that we, the Filipinos, should care for our country, otherwise nobody else will. We could not expect the foreigners to care for our country.

I also made mention about the flag in our school. I noticed that our flag was torn so I asked the office to request for a replacement. However, the replacement has not arrived yet. I told them seeing our torn flag, also torn me apart.

I told my students to respect our flag and to sing our National Anthem with all of their hearts.

I also told them my experience when I went to Singapore. I felt that my love for our country increased when I went abroad. I told them my experience when the hostage taking of the foreigners from HongKong happened. I was inside the MRT and I called my husband to tell me the updates. I was crying inside the train as I hear the news. I immediately called one of my church mates and asked her to pray with me right that moment.

While my husband was telling the updates, I was having a different vision. All I can see was our map and it's being stabbed to death. I hope that every Filipino will think first before we act, especially if it is something that could affect our country.

It was the same day when my student talked to our Principal. She talked to her and asked her about the flag. She said that she was so touched by our topic and would like to help in any way possible, even if it means she/they will buy the new flag. She said, she could no longer bear seeing our torn flag as well. This is the real essence of learning.

Learning is not a noun but a verb; because true learning should push us to act.