Monday, March 30, 2009

More than Medals

It was the 9th of June 2008 when it all started. My son was enrolled in a Day Care Center in our neighborhood. I thought my son, who was only 3 years old that time, was too young to go to school. He knew the alphabet and also knew how to count. But, he still can’t write and does not know how to color well. Though, I have already bought him colors and Coloring Books several times and let him color these all by himself, I was still hesitant to enroll him. But, my husband and my family told me we can just give it a try.

So we enrolled him together with his cousin Rumelyn. For the first few days, I was just waiting for my son to tell me that he would like to quit. But, he never did. I am glad he enjoyed it. Although, there were times when he would tell me he doest not want to go to school because it was boring.

I remember when they had their 1st Evaluation exam. The whole family was encouraging Rumelyn to do good since she has a great chance of making it to the honor roll since she already knew how to count, how to color well, and she even knew how to write her name. I told them, I believe Seandy will also have an award. My mother jokingly said that he can get the “Most Groomed” award.

When we got the results of their 1st Evaluation we were all surprised when Seandy made it to the top. Rumelyn was on the 3rd Place then.

2nd Evaluation - Rumelyn 2nd place and Seandy only got the 4th place.

We were never told of the Final Evaluation results, though the test papers were returned. We were told to wait until Graduation Day (March 30) to know the final verdict. LOL.

I am so glad and I am so proud of my son, Seandy, and my niece, Rumelyn. They both made it. Seandy was the 2nd Honor and Rumelyn was the 3rd Honor. This is a good start for their journey through life. I just hope that they will continue to grow and excel not just in school but more so in life.

Congratulations Graduates of 2008 – 2009.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Between Imagination and Lie

We went to the mall last weekends. I was with my mom and Seandy. We stopped by to eat first, since Seandy’s already craving for his favorite pizza. Afterwards, we started to stroll in the mall. Seandy got excited when he saw the Jollibee Standee. He let go of my hands and went straight to Jollibee. I told my mom to hide because I wanted to teach Seandy a lesson.

After a few seconds, my son noticed that he is no longer with us. He ran back to Pizza Hut and tried to check if we were there. When he saw that we were not there, that is when he started to panic and started to cry. I was just behind him all along, so before he could make any sound, I immediately approached him and told him that it was not good to let go of my hand when inside the mall because he might get lost.

He then told me a story way different from what had just happened. He said that he got lost and he tried to look for us. When he could not find us, the guards approached him and told him that they will take him with them since he is alone. But, he told them, “No, I will just look for my mom here.” That is when I appeared.

I did not know what to react when he told me that. I couldn’t believe my ears. When we went home I told my husband what happened and told him the version of the story of our son. He immediately told me to talk to Seandy. He said that our son is beginning to tell a lie and should be corrected as soon as possible. I agree that we have to remind our son not to tell lies.

But on second thoughts, Barney and Einstein are encouraging us to use our imagination. What if my son was not lying? What if he was just using his vivid imagination? How could you establish the facts between imagination and lie?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Andie

We celebrated my daughter’s first birthday last March 26, 2009. It was just a simple celebration. Since it was on a weekday, most of my friends did not make it because of work. Nevertheless, it was fun. And, I am so thankful to God for letting us celebrated her first birthday with us. I wish and pray for more birthdays to come.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I got awards for my blog again.

Got another awards from my beautiful sister, Phebie. Apparently, my new blogger friend sarah got me the same awards. :)

Thank you so much for the both of you. I really appreciate these awards.

This one is a tag I got together with these awards.

Name 7 things that you love then pass this onto 7 other bloggers

1. I love my Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ
2. I love my better half - Sean
3. I love my kids - Seandy and Andie
4. I love my family and in laws
5. I love my friends
6. I love eating, reading and blogging
7. I love the life I have now...

Now I am tagging my new online friends

Jun, Marie, Chelle

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Goodbye Francis M.

I was sad when I found out last friday that Francis Magalona - the master rapper of the Philippines, already passed away. His body was cremated this day. I am not really a fan, I was just glad to hear that on his last days he has learned to submit to the will of God. He not only knew how to live well but he also knew how to "die well". Good bye Francis M. The master rapper has finally meet his Master.

On that note, my sister texted me last Sunday. She said their neighbor just died. The problem is that they do not know any relative of this person. He was just living alone. My sister said that this guy was fron Caticlan which was also in Aklan. She contacted me to check with Sean since he is from Aklan too. Unfortunately, my husband can't recognize the last name of the guy.

I wanted to help, so I asked my sister for more details. I contacted my friends in Aklan and asked them if they can report the case to the radio station. With the help of my friends, the relatives was found. Thank God.

With everything and in everything I am just so much happy to know that God is always in control.

Friday, March 6, 2009

High School Reunion

I had an opportunity to attend our High School Reunion last February 28, 2009. Although only a few of us attended the event, it was still fun. I was more excited in meeting my former teachers because I really missed them a lot. I was lucky to find two of my favorite teachers there. I hugged and kissed them when I saw them. I wanted so much to tell them that I am so thankful for what they have thought me before. I respect my teachers so much. I believe I owe them part of what I have become today.

It was not just the reunion of our batch. We were joined by other batches, starting from Batch 1972 up to Batch 2008, some batches when we were not even born yet. It was fun seeing older batches. While I was watching them enjoying themselves, reminiscing, I can't help but wish I could still see my classmates when I reach their age.

Here are some of the pictures taken that night:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almost Over

Seandy’s final examination was over. We still do not have the results yet. Hopefully it will be announced next week.

His teacher also asked me if I can let Seandy join the Mr. Day Care Dasmarinas as the representative of their school. I got thrilled about this contest. I immediately texted my mom in law about this and she was so excited as well. She told me to teach Seandy some sketching or drawing techniques and use this as his talent. My husband told me that her mom also joined a Beauty Pageant before and her talent was sketching. She sketched the face of Jesus and she bagged the Best in Talent Award!

I tried to convince Seandy but he doesn’t want to. I respect his decision. But it was worth the try! Maybe, next time he will decide to join. :)