Monday, April 30, 2012

A new Home

We'll yeah, we moved to a new home and I have made an entry about that already but this time, I am making a new site - a new home. My former site is not safe any more, I guess. It shows this error message when you visit it.

Which is why I have decided to just replace it. I hope someday soon, I will be able to have my own blog (domain) and enjoy the luxury of writing and posting things that I want.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Privatization of Public School

A group of College students outside the campus ground, holding streamers and megaphone shouting, “Makibaka!  ‘Wag matakot!”, “No to Tuition Fee Hike!”. 
They would like to get their message across.  Some students would pause and watch them for a minute or two to check what is happening and then go on with their usual way.  Other students seem oblivious to what is happening in their surroundings.     This is quite an ordinary scene in any State University here in the Philippines. 
I studied in a public school all throughout my elementary and high school year.  I only got to study in a private institution for one semester and then I transferred back to a State University.  I was not fortunate enough to afford the education given by a private institution. Was I unfortunate? 
 Thinking about it, I can now say that I was fortunate to be given the chance to study and be considered as one of the “Eskolar (s) ng Bayan.” Our school may not have the best of facilities back then but the support and encouragement from my teachers and their love for their job compensated for the things they lack. 
“Education is a basic human right. The State is duty-bound to provide it as a public good.”   When I was still in College, I remember my tuition fee was only about PhP 500.00 – per semester! I strived hard to get into the Dean’s List so I could still get a discount.  I settled in paying Php250.00 per semester.  That is a lot of savings!
That is just one advantage of having to study in a public institution.  Education will not cost that much. 
However, things have changed.  Privatization of the Public basic and higher education made a great impact when it comes to free public education.   As I looked for information about Privatization, I remembered my former schoolmate in University of Makati, my former classmate when I first had my Certificate in Teaching on the same school, Mr. Raymond Maglanoc.  He used to be the President of our Student Supreme Council.  He was a man of principles; however, I was not given the chance to get to know him more that time.  He now works in one of the schools in Mindanao.  Thanks to social networking I was able to get in touch with him again.  I wanted to know his views on Privatization and I was glad he spared some time giving me information about it.
 On his message to me he wrote, “Historically, privatization of public services including public schools took grounds during the Ramos Administration thru the Philippines 2000 (Educ2000 in public education aspect) that was prescribed by the IMF-WB. The major thrust of the program is to gradually convert public services into private enterprise to cover huge budget deficit, implement competition and generate income. This has to be done thru laws and policies such as EPIRA law on electricity, Oil deregulation law on oil and a certain CHED memorandum circular (I forgot the series number) to deregulate tuition fees. In UP it was called STFAP or Socialized Tuition Fee Assistance Program which every year, standard of qualifications and requirements are getting tough especially for poor but deserving students.”
His words made me thinking.  I looked for more information about this and I found that the budget our government is allocating now for education is so low compared to how much other countries spend on their education budget. 
I also stumbled upon a very interesting article where he agrees to privatization of education in the Philippines.  He said that “A private school cannot force customers to purchase its products, nor can it compel anyone to finance its existence, nor can it  regulate or curtail the activities of its competitors.  Because private schools are legally forbidden to use force, their existence and programs entail no violation of rights.  Having to earn their customers and money, private schools posses strong economic incentive to provide excellent educational services.  If they want to stay in business and flourish, they must make money by satisfying the educational requirements of students and their families; if they fail to do so, they face bankruptcy.” (Source:
It is interesting to know that some people would agree to privatization of the education only because they do not like the idea of paying the education for “other unfortunate people” through the tax that the government is imposing to them.  They believe that if someone wants to be educated then he has to pay for it and not just depend of the subsidy from the government. 
Still a lot have to be said in this issue.  But I would still go against the privatization of our education.  If only the officials of our government will be honest and kind enough not to spend the money of the tax payers through their personal expenses the government could have helped a lot in educating the Filipino people to eventually help our country arise.
I like how much Governor Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana has said it, “Think about it: Every educated person is not rich, but almost every education person has a job and a way out of poverty. So education is a fundamental solution to poverty.    

Friday, April 13, 2012

A New Home

I arrived here in Kalibo, Aklan last October 2010.  It was after I resigned from my work in Singapore and decided I am better off here in the Philippines with my family.

For a year in six months we were living with our Grandparents (grandparents in law), which was in a way beneficial for them because they needed companion too.  The house was big enough for all of us (we're eight in a house with five rooms). However, we still felt the need to have our own home.

I have been telling, explaining, and convincing my husband that I really want to have our own place. I am glad he finally agreed after months of trying.

We have moved to our new place.  Now, I can do (hopefully) what other normal Moms do.  Well, I started cooking again.  That's a good start.  Although my busy schedule will get in the way of being a full time mom, at least I can try harder.

I thank the Lord for the blessings that He still continue to bestow on us.  

I am excited to post more stories and pictures of me - trying hard to be a mom and a wife. And, my family living together in a home we call our own.  :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moving Up!

    A time for moving up.  My husband still can't believe that we all have survived another year in school.  My eldest son finished Level 2 and now moving up to Level 3.  My youngest daughter just finished her Nursery and will be moving up to Kinder 1.

   It was different this time.  I must admit that I was not involved much with the activities of my kids, especially with my eldest.  Their's is different since they have to work on their own.  They were just given paces to study and finish.  I used to make my own reviewer for him whenever his exams would arrive, but this school year, I was not able to do that, since they work on their paces alone.  My son would only ask me for clarifications if there were things that he would not understand on his homework.  But, over all he worked on his own.  

   I was more involved with my youngest since their set up is the same as the traditional classroom set up.  So I was able to help her review on her exams. 

  So when the recognition day arrived, we were not expecting much  from them.  Unlike other schools who probably give all awards that you can think of, e.i. Most Behave, Most Friendly, Most Punctual, almost all the awards, their school only gave a few.  They gave medals for "Scripture Memory Verses" -the kids had to memorize verses from the Bible and recite it to their teacher.  My son got Silver for that,and  my daughter got Gold medal for that.  They also gave medal for pupils attending the Sunday School in Christ the King Church. My children did not get the medal for that award since they are attending the Sunday School in our own church.  They also gave awards like Cleanest Office, Good Penmanship, Fastest to finish the Paces, Highest grades for Paces.  

   They also gave medals  for achievers in Academics.  My son got Silver also,  and my little girl received Gold as one of the Outstanding Pupils for Nursery.  

   I thank God because He has given these children wisdom and understanding.  I pray that they continue to achieve greater things in life.   I also pray for wisdom, patience and understanding so that as parents we may not grow weary in teaching them the ways of God.  

   Till another moving up!