Monday, April 30, 2012

A new Home

We'll yeah, we moved to a new home and I have made an entry about that already but this time, I am making a new site - a new home. My former site is not safe any more, I guess. It shows this error message when you visit it.

Which is why I have decided to just replace it. I hope someday soon, I will be able to have my own blog (domain) and enjoy the luxury of writing and posting things that I want.


  1. You have a new home pala...sensya na now lang naka visit. Just remove the link to in your sidebar and the warning will be removed after few hours or so. Why not have own domain nga pala, diba nag domain ka na rin 2 years ago ba yun? I can offer you free hosting para mag WP ka na rin. :)

  2. hehe.. dahil sobrang wala akong alam sa technical side ng blogging eh hindi ko alam kung san hahanapin ung link na un.. pag-iisipan kong maige ulit yang domain na yan.. di ko kasi kayang i handle ung tech side eh.. kakahinayang lang.. like ung last time na domain ko. di ko man lang nagamit..hehe..

    just in case mag decide mine, i'll contact you po.. malamang sa inyo na lang ako mag subscribe kung meron man.. hehe..