Friday, February 17, 2012

February Activities

     February, as they say, is an abnormal month.  Abnormal in a sense that it is the shortest month.  It has 28 days in common years and 29 days in leap years, apparently 2012 is a leap year.

     This month is indeed an "abnormal" month for me.  A lot of things happened.  February 07, 2012 - I was tasked to join our School Campaign for 2012.  We visited six Elementary Schools and talked to their graduating pupils and introduced to them our school.

     It was a fun experience.  I was trying to imagine myself being a teacher of elementary pupils.  I am not sure I can handle them.  I don't think my patience is long enough.  :D

      February 11, 2012 I attended the burial of our dear friend, Arne Magdael.  You will  be forever missed, Sir Arne.

     February 14, 2012, we had our Quiz Bee in school.  I was picked up as the Quiz Bee Master.

       After the event, I am glad to hear positive comments from the veteran teachers from the College Department.

      After that very long and tiring day, hubby asked me out again for a little snack.

    February is not yet over.  I know that more things are  bound to happen.