Thursday, January 28, 2010


I bought a Mini Mouse stuff toy last Christmas for my daughter and a Transformer watch for my son but I was not able to give it to them. I was supposed to hand it over to my friend who was going back to the Philippines but it didn't happen.

When I showed the stuff toy to my daughter she kept on asking for it. So I was left with no choice but to send it via LBC.

They received the parcel now and I am so glad that they have waited for me online before they opened it.

I saw how my kids jumped and shouted with excitement when they opened it. It was very fulfilling.

My kids decided they want to send me a parcel back. They jumped into the box waiting to be delivered here in Singapore. I will look forward for it. LOL.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feeding the birds

I was off today, and aside from watching clouds, I also love watching birds. Just had fun feeding these birds.

Please Handle with Care

Eleksyon na naman. I have tried to watch the campaign ads of the presidential aspirants of our country. I only have just watched a few and I stopped - naiyak na ako.

Naiiyak lang ako pag naiisip ko ang bansa natin. Nakakalungkot na isipin na napag iwanan na tayo ng mga karatig bansa natin.

Pero naniniwala ako na magagaling ang mga Pinoy. Kailangan lang ng bawat isa na gumising na at kumilos.

We are like sheep without Shepherd. Kaya tayo kalat kalat eh. Kahit saang parte ng mundo may Filipino.

Dito nga kung saan ako naroroon ngayon eh in demand ang mga Pinoy na "Maid". Pero ang nakakatawa kailangan nila ang Filipino maids kasi alam nila magaling at pinoy at kayang turuan ang mga anak nila sa kanilang pag-aaral.

Kailangan nating bumoto ng maayos at huwag tayong papadala sa mga sabi sabi lang. Kailangan nating alamin at suriin ng husto kung sino ang pipiliin.

Pero naniniwala ako na wala sa politics ang sagot sa kaunlaran ng bansa. Nasa bawat isa.

Sana isipin nating lahat ang mga bagay na ginagawa natin kung may maganda ba itong maidudulot sa bansa natin.

Naawa naman ang Pilipinas. Sana magtulong tulong tayo para umahon ang ating bansa. Please pray for our country.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I was talking to my housemates few days ago. We were exchanging stories about our family in the Philippines.

Two of my housemates are now separated from their husbands. They now call their husbands their P.O.P's. I asked them what P.O.P means. "Piece of Paper", they said.

They believe that what held them to stay together as husbands and wives were just Pieces of Papers.

It was a very sad statement. I remembered my husband. It will be very hard for us but we have to be strong.

Yeah, my husband is my P.O.P too. He is my Proof of Promise to the Lord when we got married. I promised the Lord that I will love him with my very best till the day we meet the Lord.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I went to Singapore to look for a job. I arrived here in Singapore last November 9, 2009. I'm on my 2nd month today.

I initially planned to apply Direct - meaning I did not have to go to a recruitment agency to find an employer. For the first 3 weeks, I only got interviewed twice. First as a Retail Sales Assistant but I was not selected. My second interview was as a Sales Consultant. It was actually an agency for Filipino maid. Sir Leo, owner, told me that they needed people since they will be accepting Skilled and Professionals too probably this year.

I was very interested to get that job. I just felt that I am blessed and I can help other people through that job.

But after the interview Sir Leo, did not get back at me. I texted him and he told me that he was still considering. I was initially given a 30 day stay here in Singapore and it is about to come to an end. I knew I needed to find new employers.

It was then I have decided to just look for an agency to help me find an employer.

I was initially hired for the position of Admin Assistant however, after a week my application for a work pass was not processed yet. So, I backed out and talked to my agent and asked her to apply my pass (work visa) as Telemarketer since I got selected too. But unfortunately, the work pass was rejected too.

I was told that we could re-appeal. But I chose not to re-appeal. I decided to find another employer. I was again interviewed and got selected as Front Desk Officer. But after 12 days, I got the rejection letter again. :(

I never wanted to give up. My husband told me to just go back to the Philippines instead. I told him, I needed another month. My extension here in Singapore is about to expire on January 9, 2010.

I wanted to get another month so I went to Malaysia on January 1, 2010 and stayed there for 3 days. When I was in Malaysia, I decided I will just go back to the Philippines. Although I get to see my kids everyday via webcam, I decided I wanted to go back home.

Some pictures taken inside a mall in Malaysia.

But then, my husband told me to try it for another week. I got my ticket booked for January 8.

When I came back here in Singapore, I tried to contact Sir Leo again and asked if they are still in need of Sales Consultant. He called me and told me to send my resume again. He interviewed me once again. God is so good.

He submitted my work pass application January 7, and it got approved on January 8. Thank God!!!

With my colleague Ms. Julie.

It's my second month here in Singapore and I can say that today could be the start of the new chapter of my life.