Monday, July 21, 2008

A broken Princess

I have heard from a friend that another friend of ours is currently going through a hard time ironing out her relationship with the father of her children.

I wanted to get in touch with her to find out. Luckily I saw her online. I chatted with her. I found out she was planning to leave the guy but still hesitant to do it because of the kids. And she also said she could not do it because he loves him so much.

I never told her I was crying while we were chatting. I pity her. She is a beautiful woman, full of energy, strong and I know a beautiful future awaits for her.. But now, she thinks she’s hopeless. She even said she is considering ending her life. I told her to be strong for her kids. I said I perfectly understand how hard it is and that what she is feeling is okay. She just has to overcome it. I told her to stop belittling herself. I told her she is a worthy woman and deserves to be treated like a princess. She should not let that man treat her like a doormat.

She told me she has decided to end the relationship with the guy, they are not married yet anyway, she just doesn’t know how to start. I asked her to be firm with her decision this time. She has given too much. She has sacrificed a lot. I guess it’s time she gives herself the respect that this man deprived her of.

I assured that her friends and family will always be there for her. Before we end our chat she asked me, “Why did God allow these things to happen if He knows it will just end like this?”

I asked her back, “Are you sure you got God’s approval when you started these things? Or you were just using your own will?” She just said “You got a point there”.

We ended our chat, knowing that I have to pray for this girl. She has endured a lot and I just hope everything turns out well with her.

“Too often we tend to blame God for the things that happened, when we should not have started it in the first place.”

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bullies Beware

We enrolled our son, Seandy to a prep school in our place together with his cousin Rumelyn, they’re classmates. But the other day, Rumelyn was sick and could not go to school.

We had no choice but to let Seandy go alone. His daddy sent him to school and then left because he had to go to work. He sent me an SMS afterwards (I was in my office), and told me that Seandy’s already at school but he was really hesitant to leave him there alone. I told him everything will be okay and that he would not worry since my mother will come to pick him up anyways.

Later on, I received another SMS this time it’s from my sister. She told me that Seandy had a little scratch on his face. They were asking my son what happened but my son did not say a thing. When I got home I immediately asked my son what happened and he said that one of his classmates punched him on the face. I asked him if the teacher saw what happened, he said yes. I asked him what did teacher say, he told me the teacher just said “ Aaaay…”

We talked to the teacher the very next day and asked what happened. She said that she had no idea at all. She said that she even asked Seandy to sit with her the whole time since Rumelyn was not there. I told her my mother saw Seandy crying while dragging his bag out to leave the room. The teacher explained that Seandy kept saying he misses his daddy already and that was the reason he was crying. I did not insist on the issue again. We just talked about how my son is doing and other stuff like class picture, projects and then left.

From that day on, I asked our Ate Sarah (nanny) not to leave my son alone at school. I don’t know who is telling the truth. But I know I believe my son.