Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day Without Mom

We had to leave early morning last Sunday. We had to be in Iloilo early in the afternoon to register for our seminar.

I halfheartedly joined my co-teachers not because I do not want to attend the seminar, but because I do not want to leave on Mother's day, but I just had to. I guess, this was one of the consequences of being a working Mom.

As a result, my family had to celebrate Mother's day without me. They also had to attend the Sunday Service without me. I only attended the Mid Week service to make up.

Again, I never wanted to sleep when Saturday came. At night, I decided to take a video of my daughter. I knew I had to do it so I would have something with me on Mother's day. Here's the short video that my daughter made for me on the eve of Mother's day.

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